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What happens in Vegas.....

How would you like a Vegas-style wedding without the airfare? To 'Cher' your wedding day with the people you love? Have Joan Rivers ask, 'Who are you wearing?' A personality of your choice, or even just little ol' me?

As a newly ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, I now have the power vested in me to join you in matrimony so,"let's talk"!

Your special day should be a day of smiles and laughter and I can help with that. Pictured below are just some of the personalities available to officiate. Others not pictured include: Madonna (the singer, not the virgin), Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Liza Minelli and Congressman David Cicilline. I am willing to accommodate specific requests so, please feel free to ask!

But seriously folks, as someone who's been wed MULTIPLE times, I can tell you that laughter is one of the 3 most important  things in a happy marriage. (I have no clue what the other 2 are)

Why not start your lives together laughing? 

Joan Rivers
Gina Raimondo
Governor of Rhode Island
Alison Bologna  
News Anchor
Twisted Sister

Her Most Reverend


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