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Willow Street Press proudly announces
a new #1 bestseller by comedian Doreen Collins

Confessions of a Working Girl or How to Get Laid (Off)

In Confessions of a Working Girl or How to Get Laid (Off), hilarious standup comedian and unorthodox mom Doreen Collins keeps her sense of humor while job-hopping and reinventing herself. She's deejayed at the disco, served doughnuts at Dunkin', sold vacuum cleaners door to door, and worked the drag queen revue circuit. Doreen's been hired, fired, promoted, demoted, dissed, dismissed — and she's also quit! Never afraid to work hard or tell it like it is, Doreen kept her family fed and sheltered, paid for three weddings (all hers), and learned a lot about how to deal with all kinds of people. She was almost crowned Mrs. Rhode Island — and somehow still walked away with the tiara!

Available on Amazon and in bookstores now!


Grab your credit card and click the link below! You can have this book in time to throw it in your bag to read poolside or at the beach by the weekend. And, did I mention it's gluten free?


"I read and finished it the same day I bought it @ the Providence Women Expo. It was a pleasure meeting you and your book is AMAZING and Funny as hell"   

Gloria McPherson

'I don't read often, buy when I do, I read my own book.'

   *  Details for appearances will be posted on FB and Instagram closer to event dates.


Doreen with fellow author Teresa Giudice (Real Housewives of New Jersey) @ Real Women Providence

And with her buddy Jessica Schiano from 92 PRO-FM

With New England PRIDE TV host Dale LePage

And hangin' with Best Selling novelist Ben Dolnick

And here with Pat the Patriot

Trying to convince my dentist to replace

And with her dentist who now offers a nitrous oxide alternative